Hemlock - Peter/Roman
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Bridge the Gap (Derek/Scott/Stiles, M)

Prompt Number: 1020
Art Post: Dark rituals
Artist: imera

Fic Title: Bridge the Gap
Author: barker101
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Scott/Stiles
Rating: M
Word Count: 12600
Warnings: Near death experience

Summary: tiles knew the way everyone looked at the two of them, like they were some mythical star-crossed lovers. That they pushed and challenged each other in all the right ways and one day they would fall hopelessly in love.

Stiles thought they were usually the only odd two out that weren’t always paired up; that’s why everyone kept pushing and picturing them together. Sure, he knew Derek was attractive, anyone with eyes could see that, but he wasn’t the great love of his life. He was just his pack member.

Members of their pack had come and gone--some by choice and others, God, Stiles couldn’t even think some of their names let alone even bear to say them out loud. But despite it all, Scott, Stiles, and Derek had stayed together and would stay together. The only three permanent members in Stiles’ mind.

Stiles hadn’t given up part of himself so that he and Derek could fall madly in love. He just did what anyone else in his tri-fold pack would have done for him; watched his back, gave him another chance, extended his life for as much longer as he could.
  • imera

The burden of bonding (Derek/Stiles, T)

Prompt Number: 1041
Artist: chosenfire28

Fic Title: The burden of bonding
Author: imera
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles, Isaac, Erica, Scott, Jackson (and a few others)
Rating: T
Word Count: 9500 words
Warnings: Mention of canon violence

Summary: The night in the pool changes the relationship between Derek and Stiles. Neither one wants to accept it at first, but neither can refuse the connection that blooms between them.
tw → there are twisted days that i take

Instructions for Dancing (Derek/Stiles, T)

Prompt Number: 3016
Art Post: Masterpost (link to come)
Artist: cybersuzy

Fic Title: Instructions for Dancing
Author: wellhalesbells
Characters/Pairings: Stiles/Derek, Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski (brOTP)
Rating: T
Word Count: 19,247
Warnings/Content: Alternate Universe - Alive Hale Family, Fluff & Feel-Goodery, Magic (and a lot of it)

Summary: If Scott was asked to start from the beginning, his mind would place him right at the center of Beacon Hills, looking up at the black and white Hale house, clamped down on his mom's hand and trying not to feel fear.

If Stiles was asked to start from the beginning, he would talk about a boy named Scott who walked into his kindergarten classroom, stuck to him like a barnacle and became the most important thing Stiles would ever do with his life.

Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper - (Stiles/Derek, T)

Prompt Number: 1021
Art Post: oneterriblet prompt
Artist: oneterriblet

Fic Title: Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper
Author: damnitgreenberg
Characters/Pairings: Sterek, minor Cora/Lydia; various characters
Rating: T
Word Count: 77225
Warnings: violence, magical consent issues (mind control), miscommunication everywhere

Summary: Kept out of the loop of the secrets and supernatural mysteries of Beacon Hills, Stiles Stilinski is a senior who sees his world unraveling around him. After a bad argument with his best friend, Stiles is dragged into a mysterious pool of water that grants him superpowers. His transformation quickly takes a dark turn and threatens to hurt the people around him.
  • etrix

How to Survive a Fire without Really Dying (gen)

Prompt Number: 3006
Art Post: Playing with Fire
Artist: jkivela/radlilum

Fic Title: How To Survive a Fire without Really Dying (on AO3 / on FF.net )
Author: etrix
Characters/Pairings: Jordan Parrish. Cameos by most of the pack, Derek Hale, and a couple original characters. / No pairings (although Jordan wouldn't be adverse to some slash-action with Derek).
Rating: T
Word Count: 7700
Warnings: mild violence in flashbacks; canon-compliant, non-permanent character death.

Summary: They say the first time you do anything new is the hardest. For Parrish, the first time wasn't hard. After all, how hard was it to sit, hand-cuffed to the steering wheel, while a co-worker poured gasoline over you and then lit it?
(or How Parrish Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Flames)
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Teen Wolf Reverse Bang

To See With Eyes Unclouded (Derek/Stiles, R)

Prompt Number: 1038
Art Post: Nightfall
Artist: Tsuminoaru

Fic Title: To See With Eyes Unclouded
Author: Mad-Madam-M
Characters/Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: R
Word Count: 47k
Warnings: Alternate Universe - Movie FusionCanon-Typical Violence, Character Death, Past Character Death, Wolf!Boyd, wolf!Erica, fox!kira, Frottage, Anal Sex, Bottom Stiles Stilinski, BAMF Stiles, Alternate Universe - Princess Mononoke Fusion

Summary: Cursed by a dying god, Derek seeks help from the great wolf Satomi. She lifts the curse with a Bite, but Derek can never leave the forest, lest the curse return.
Taken in by Satomi's small pack, Derek finds himself learning more about the forest and navigating an antagonistic relationship with Stiles, Satomi's only human child.
But darkness encroaches at their borders as the humans of Irontown delve deeper into the forest in their quest for iron, and the bad blood between the wolves and the humans threatens to breach the point of no return.
And Derek may well be the only one who can pull them back from the brink.


In Wolves' Clothing (Derek/Stiles, R)

Prompt Number: 1002
Art Post: Wolfskin
Artist: aredblush

Fic Title: In Wolves' Clothing
Author: LadyMerlin
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,100
Warnings: Canonical Character Deaths; Violence (not graphic)

Summary: A fire devastates the Hale family home, leaving only Derek and his two sisters alive. When Peter threatens to take away their most precious heirloom, and the last thing their mother gave them, Laura comes up with a plan, and it involves sending Derek into the wide world, on his own.

None of this seems like a good idea to him.

This is a story about friends, family and betrayal; about love, grief and healing; about how Stiles probably has the dumbest flock of sheep known to mankind; and about how everyone eventually gets their Happily Ever After.

A Fairytale AU inspired by Donkeyskin, a french fairytale written by Charles Perrault.
Castiel Bloody

Pizza and the Art of Manipulation (Peter/Isaac, Explicit)

Prompt Number: 1034
Art Post: Art Masterpost
Artist: the42towels

Fic Title: Pizza and the Art of Manipulation
Author: twisted_slinky
Characters/Pairings: Peter Hale/Isaac Lahey
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~5k
Warnings: graphic scene of a sexual nature, large age-gap

Summary: Years ago, Isaac left his hometown hoping the move would heal old woulds, but now he's considering returning to Beacon Hills. Before he can, he's intercepted by another Omega outcast, Peter Hale, who, of course, presents him with a tempting offer. And pizza.
Teen Wolf Reverse Bang

Stay With Me So Happily (Derek/Scott, T)

Prompt Number: 1017
Art Post: Art Masterpost
Artist: henrymaarchbanks

Fic Title: Stay With Me So Happily
Author: pocketlass
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Scott (minor pairings: Boyd/Erica, Kira/Malia, Allison/Braeden, Cora/Lydia, Isaac/Stiles)
Rating: T
Word Count: 37537
Warnings: None

Scott bites his lip. It’ll wilt after a few days. All the flowers in his hands will wilt, and then he’ll just have dried-out husks sitting in cloudy water while he counts down the days until he can go home. But…but for a few days, for those first days, for today, Derek gave him the sun.

(Or, a human AU where Derek works at his family's flower shop and Scott works at the tattoo shop next door.)